The Achievements are an unlockable feature in Eyes The Horror Game. The achievements can only be unlocked when online, and are mostly unlocked by completing the modes, and a couple by the enemies.

There are so far 30 achievements.


Name: Image: How it gets unlocked:
Pumpkin farmer
2018-05-06 22.20.22
Catch one pumpkin to get ×2 win multiplier.
2018-05-06 22.20.52
Collect all Eyes on the level.
2018-05-06 22.21.20
Win Mansion (standard mode) on medium difficulty level.
2018-05-06 22.21.50
Win Mansion (standard mode) on easy difficulty level.
Run for your life!
2018-05-06 22.22.08
Win in less than 10 minutes.
Good Boy
2018-05-06 22.22.28
Feed the Good Boy.
Pumpkin party
2018-05-06 22.35.55
Catch 4 pumpkins to get ×5 win multiplayer.
2018-05-06 22.36.13
Catch 9 pumpkins to get ×10 win multiplayer.
Baby steps
2018-05-06 22.36.33
Win Mansion (standard mode) on newbie difficulty level.
2018-05-06 22.36.54
Win Mansion (standard mode) on hard difficulty level.
King of the Mansion
2018-05-06 22.37.16
Win Mansion (standard mode) on nightmare difficulty level.
2018-05-06 22.37.36
Win without using any eye runes.
We move unseen
2018-05-06 22.37.54
Drink potions in the right order to obtain invisibility power (Hospital)
Eyes, more eyes...
2018-05-06 22.38.08
Drink potions in the right order to obtain extra eyes (Hospital)
With the speed of light
2018-05-06 22.48.57
Drink potions in the right order to obtain quickness power (Hospital)
Third Eye Seer
2018-05-06 22.49.17
Drink potions the right order to obtain extra eyes (Hospital)
2018-05-06 22.49.39
Drink all potions on the level (Hospital)
2018-05-06 22.49.59
Drink 10 potions (Hospital)
Aquired Taste
2018-05-06 22.50.19
Drink 30 potions (Hospital)
Master Chemist
2018-05-06 22.50.39
Drinks 50 potions (Hospital)
2018-05-06 22.56.52
Win Hospital (standard mode) on the newbie difficulty level.
2018-05-06 22.57.12
Win Hospital (standard Rec mode) on the easy difficulty level.
Hospital Overseer
2018-05-06 22.57.33
Win Hospital (standard mode) on the medium difficulty level.
Hospital Warden
2018-05-06 22.57.48
Win Hospital (standard mode) on the hard difficulty level.
Head of the Hospital
2018-05-06 22.58.10
Win Hospital (standard mode) on the nightmare difficulty level.
Double Trouble
2018-05-06 22.58.27
Win the level in the Double Trouble mode.
2018-05-07 17.52.14
Lose 10 timss. Never give up!
So close
2018-05-28 17.44.03
Collect all required money bags but die
2018-05-28 17.44.34
Win without being seen by a monster
2018-08-20 22.23.54
Visit the whole mansion