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A Key Found

-Upon picking up the key

The Basement Key is one of the many tools used in Eyes.


The Basement Key is a pickup object found around the Mansion. When using it (by clicking, or tapping the it on mobile),

Once found, the player may use it for the locked room in the basement. Once the door is opened, it's no use anymore. 


  • The key is a reference to what robber's use to break in, or even steal.
  • Originally, when picking it up, it would say "Basement Key Found".
    • Since the recent updates, it's just referred to as a key.
      • This might be because the creator's intended on player's to figure out what the key goes for.
  • In the computer version, the key would shine.
  • The originally locations for the key were:
    1. In the cupboard in the bedroom. (Main Floor)
    2. In the closet. (Main Floor)
    3. On top of the book in the Fireplace room. (Main Floor)
    4. On top of the toilet lid. (Top Floor)
    5. On the table in the record room. (Top Floor)


Locations (Current):

Locations (Old)