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The Beta Ghost was a major character in the older version of Eyes - The Horror Game before being replaced by Krasue. She was the original main antagonist.



She appears as a translucent female figure with a curvy female body as expected. She wears a ponytail, and her eyes can barely been seen due to the smoke, but appear wide opened.

In version 1.0.8, she looked the same but with a different head and lack of animation. Her appearance is more similar to a gray alien without a nose, no mouth, and bigger eyes.


Before being replaced by Krasue, she worked the same as she always been.

In the game, she will go up or down the stairs of the Mansion in search of the player, and will chase the player upon contact, or notice, as the word "Run!" will appear to give the player a warning. If a player uses an Eye Rune, they'll know where she is.

Back in the beta, she was able to enter any room, no matter what. When near, she makes ghost-like moans similar to a lullaby, and everything around her will violently shake, or flicker.

She will lose interest in chasing the player if they're in another room, or another floor, but will still attempt to follow the player. Depending on the setting the player chooses on Mobile, the Beta Ghost would be;

  • Extremely slow in the Casual setting.
  • Slightly faster in the Normal setting. 
  • And hard to run from in the Hard Setting. 


(Note: The actual quote is in reverse)

-"Never gonna give you up... never gonna let you down... never gonna run around and desert you... never gonna make you cry... never gonna say goodbye... never gonna tell a lie and hurt you."


  • This was the first version of Krasue's design before being changed.
  • When killing the player, she does a ballet-like dance.
    • People get confused as of why she does this, or how this even kills the player.
  • In V0.9.2 of the game, her vision was black and white.
  • The reason for the model change was due to fans thinking this design was too sexy. Eventually, the creator went for the final official design being Krasue.
  • In V0.9.2 of the game, when she spots the player, the player's vision would be red and The Ghost would start making strange fast whispers.
  • In V0.9.2 of the game, she was hardly transparent.
  • In V1.0.8, Beta Ghost is a male but still has a female voice, the reason for it not being changed to a male voice is unknown for now.
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