• Olivia Tiedemann
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  • Mctoran

    (Note: i know that this technically counts as advertising, but i have no other way for people to know about this)

    So, due to popular demand, and since nobody else will step up to do it, i have decided to finally create an eyes the horror game OC wiki! however, there is a catch: while I will continue to run and maintain the wiki, i wont be able to be consistently around to look after it. I need people to help me run the website. And, of course, what is a wiki without any articles on it?

    (I've left a link to the wiki on this post because you can' find it through google)

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  • Jermaine Bastings

    The main reason why I no longer allow theories on this wiki is because of YouTuber CaffeTV.

    He titles his Eyes theory videos as "True", and not "Fan-made" anywhere. This can confuse people easily, and plus another reason is because we already have a Theories and Speculations page.

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  • Damienbaastings

    The main reason why I want to be owner is because I don't want this wiki to be screwed up by people who like to visit wikis, and screw up pages for fun.

    Another reason is to block people who break the rules, and get enough warnings, delete pages acidentally made, or useless pages made on purpose.

    I mainly want this wiki to look interesting, and keep giving this wiki more chnages, so people can visit, or recommened it, and visit it to learn info on characters, gameplay, or even edit their own things, such as our Theories and Speculations  or our Glitches and Bugs page that needs more info sicne there are still bugs and stuff going on in Eyes.


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  • TheBerserker34

    About that wiki.

    March 2, 2018 by TheBerserker34

    Okay listen everyone (even if we are less than 3 on that wiki -_-), this wiki LITERALLY needs Bureacrates and Admins: the original founder EpicArmies has stop since March 2015 and didn't move his ass for years, now we must have a rebellion against this dude and- in other words, Damien and his brother will be the Bureaucrates, with me and Doblonplayer being Admins & Mods.

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  • Damienbaastings

    Show we create a page for the Ghost's old model (The first ghost), and the present ghost (The Krasue)?

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