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"Double the fear, double the challenge! Be extra careful with both Krasue and Charlie haunting the level. At least you can't die twice..."

-Store description

Double Trouble is a unlockable appendix and playable feature in Eyes, costing 600 coins in the store.


It's overall gameplay is the same. The main difference is now that both Krasue, and Charlie are the main threats of either maps. They will float around the location to search for the player making it much harder to survive, or avoid.


  • If the player merges this mode with the Nightmare setting, then it makes it nearly impossible to complete.
    • However, certain YouTubers have proven it's possible to beat.
  • People in the review on the play store have asked the creators to add a mode like this. This is most likely why this exist.
    • Many fans have also asked for a Triple Trouble Mode, but this will likely not exist due to extreme difficulty.
  • If a player uses an eye when either one of the monsters are in front of each other, it reveals that Charlie isn't in Krasue's view, and Krasue isn't in Charlie views.
  • Good Boy and Ursula is so far the only monster not to be in this mode.