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Eyes - The Horror Game (Called Eyes - Scary & Creepy Survival Horror Game in the Play Store) is a free-roaming horror game setting around a mansion, where a thief is to collect 20 (Or 8, 12 or 30) money bags. While doing so, the player will be chased by a monster, as there are rumors of hauntings in the mansion.

The game is developed by Paulina Pabis, and now is also being helped by Michal Pabis.

Major Characters:


  • Mansion
  • Hospital (Unlocked in Chapter II: "Charles, The Hospital Warden")
  • School (Unlocked in Chapter III: "Good Boy Guards The School")




  • The game is inspired by the popular 2012 horror game, Slender: The Eight Pages.
    • Double Trouble Mode, however, is inspired by Into The Abyss level of 2013 video game Slender: The Arrival (having two enemies chasing the player in one level).
  • The game first started in February 14th of 2013, and didn't get updates until the start of 2017.
  • Since the game was getting updated a lot in 2017, the creator (Paulina alone) was originally going to rename the game to "Eyes - The Haunt". This idea was changed, and the creator kept the name "Eyes - The Horror Game".
  • The game's icon (The Eye Rune) has been changed throughout the advanced updates from a plain looking one to a old flakey one, similar to the Eye Runes in-game.



Eyes - The Horror Game Official Trailer