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"Explore old haunted Hospital, use the mysterious apothecary potions to your aid... or doom."

-Store description

The Hospital map is a unlockable, and playable map in Eyes, costing 500 coins to buy in the store along with Charlie. It is first introduced in Chapter II: "Charles, The Hospital Warden"


Main Floor-

The player first spawns in front of the exit. When the player turns around there are benches, and stairs straight ahead of the player, as well as two hallways that lead to the downstair basements.

When going down either one of the hallways, there will be two rooms on both hallways. On the walls of each of the rooms show pictures of two potions (the red and green bottles throughout the map), adding each other will give the player abilities to win the game .

Top Floor-

The top floor goes around in a square, and is the spawn point that the monsters spawn at the most. Around each corner are rooms, and each room all have beds, and sometimes lots of bottles and money bags in them.

Downstair Basements (Left and Right)-

Both the downstairs almost appear the same, but still look different in appearance. In the right downstairs room, there is a hospital bed, and a curtain by it near the stairs when turning right. In the left downstairs room, there are a lot of showers. Both are connected together by a nearby room with gate doors. Inside the room are body bags, and more morgue fridges.


The gameplay for this is the same, but with differences. The apothecary potions help the player when searching for bags, and the map has four areas to visit instead of three.

Unlike the Mansion, the player isn't given a map to navigate around.


  • When it was first added, the map could be unlocked by completing the Normal or Hard setting.
    • This was later changed, it costed 500 coins, then 300 coins, then back to 500 coins.
  • Out of all the maps in the game, the hospital is the only map where the player spawns in front of the exit.
  • The song that plays on the record in the main floor (located in the second room in the right hallway) is a 1917 song called "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For?" by the singers Ada Jones, and Bill Murray. The full song can be heard here.
  • In Version 5.9.18 the Hospital was given a reasonably new look in some areas and rooms throughout the map. The most noticeable is that the downstairs morgues are connected together.