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  • "You never came. You promised." -Talking to the Robber (1)
  • "He just kept hitting." -Talking to the Robber (2)
  • "I needed you - why didn't you come?" -Talking to the Robber (3)
  • "The fire, it still burns, it still hurts." -Talking to the Robber (4)
  • "No salvation, only hellfire for us now." -Talking to the Robber (5)
  • "I loved you... you killed me." -Talking to the Robber (6)

Phone Call:

(Note: The actual quote is in reverse)

  • "Never gonna give you up... never gonna let you down... never gonna run around and desert you... never gonna make you cry... never gonna say goodbye... never gonna tell a lie and hurt you."