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"Chase the pumpkin to get big money bonuses"

-Game tips

The Magic Pumpkin is a minor character appearing in Eyes, making it's only appearance in the Trick or Treat mode.



It appears as a small jack-o'-lantern, with green leaves as it's feet and hands, as well as a large leaf on top of it's head.

It smile, and triangular eyes are yellow with black pupils. Unlike traditional jack-o'-lantern, this one has three trapezoid-shaped teeth instead of the classic jagged teeth.


The Magic Pumpkin is first seen jumping up and down in circles. If the player goes near it, it will run away.

Eventually, it will trip and sit down. When tapping it, the player will be given extra coins and the Magic Pumpkin will run away and do the same thing over again.


  • Unlike the other characters, this one is the only physical character that will not attack the player.
    • The Magic Pumpkin can still be considered a distraction (Since it can multiply your coin reward, if the player does not pay attention as the enemies are around).
      • Though, this should be unlikely as the enemies make their presence clear.
  • Both the Magic Pumpkin and Good Boy are the smallest characters in-game.
    • This is mainly because Good Boy appears as a dog-like creature.
  • The source of the Magic Pumpkin's model is called a "Chibiimons Pumpkin", which the model change be found here. There are also two other color textures for the pumpkins. Models by 3DRT.COM.
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