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Note: This article may contain spoilers that reveal pieces of lore. Play the game, or read if you want to.
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"Apparently the owner of this place - Mr. Miles - was a very rich man. And this means a fat paycheck for me. All I need to do is get the riches. The man disappeared some time ago. Just this one job and I'll be set."

-Starting the game

Mr. Miles is a supporting character in Eyes The Horror Game.



While not much is known about Mr. Miles, there are some key informations about him. He was a rich man, and the owner of the Mansion. He likely lived with three other members, one wife, and two daughters (One of them likely being who Krasue use to be).

Apparently, Mr. Miles is responsible for multiple rituals, and sacrifices taking place within his Mansion. He also attempted to "lift the curse" from his family, and attempts to trap the curse within a photograph, and likely died afterwards.


  • As hinted by Krasue's quote "He just kept hitting", this could mean Mr. Miles abused Krasue when she was still alive.
  • He might of also been responsible for her demise, but this is unlikely.
  • He could of been responsible for Krasue and (Possibly) Charlie's existence.
  • Ironically, he mentions trapping the curse within a photograph. This almost relates to Charlie and his ability.
  • When collecting one of the bags, a picture of an old man can be found. On the back of it are the words "Now it's your burden. Poor soul". He's most likely the one who wrote it.
  • It is unknown if he met the Robber before.
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