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The Rodents (Or simply Rats) are minor characters appearing in all locations in Eyes.


As expected, that are small animals with large eyes, long pink tails, but with brown fur. The ones in the Mansion have round heads, while the ones in the Hospital have pointed heads.

Despite their different appearances, they're all confirmed to be rats.


Due to being atmospheric characters, the rodents just roam around the floors of the abandoned locations.

In the Mansion, the rodents will go around the different floors of the locations, with the exception if the main floor in the Mansion. Sometimes they will just go in random directions and sometimes stop, then turn around and continue the cycle.

In the Hospital, the rodents will do the same, but due to have more unique animations, the rodents will sometimes sit up to look around, and even go to sleep for a few seconds.


  • Despite being called "Bloody hungry", Good Boy prefers to eat the Raw Meat instead of the rodents.
  • Funny enough, YouTubers usually mistake the Rodents to be the enemies. YouTuber EricVanWilderman mistook a rodent to be Charlie, and YouTuber 8-BitRyan mistook a rodent to be Good Boy.
  • Fans believed the patterns the rodents go in (In the Mansion) will either lead to Krasue, or show what her movement pattern is in the Basement. This was proven false.




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