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"Back to School! Hopefully you did your homework. Or else you're gonna learn a trying or two... the hard way."

-Store description

The School map is a unlockable, and playable map in Eyes, costing 500 coins to buy in the store along with Good Boy. It is first introduced in Chapter III: "Good Boy Guards The School"


 Main Floor-

This floor consists of lots of classrooms (Such as a Geography Room, Chemistry Room, a Shelf Room Divider, and an office) numerous lockers in the halls, and banners of the school's sports team.

Top Floor-

The top floor has a resemblance to a Library (As it's called the (Reading Room"). There are only two rooms (One is the office), and two stairs that both lead down. The exit is on this floor.

Downstair Basements (Left and Right)-

The downstairs consist of two stairs, multiple rooms (Janitor closet, another Office, bathrooms, Break Rooms, a Nurse's office, and a Filing Cabinet room). The halls are broken and falling apart.


The gameplay for this is the same as it's predecessors, but the difference is there are multiple stairs that either lead up or down to the same floor. Another big difference is every so often, a School Bell will ring which will cause all the doors to remain open until the bell rings again, making it easy for the enemies to spot the player and enter rooms.

Like the previous maps, the player is to collect Money Bags, use Eye Runes, and avoid the enemy.

Like the Hospital, the player isn't given a map to navigate around though there is a map usually near the stairs.


  • This is the first map to have the most stairs, and rooms.
    • Unlike the other maps, this one's exit is on the top and bottom floor, rather than being on the middle floor.
  • When walking past a chalkboard in a class room, the sound of chalk can be hear writing on the chalkboard, though there's no writing or a person physically writing.
    • This is likely meant to indicate the hauntings going around, like the previous locations.
  • The name of the school's sports team are named the "Western Windknight". Judging by their logo, it's a Basketball team.
  • When playing the radio found in one of the class rooms, it's the sound of a little girl singing the alphabet have each letter match words with the same beginning letter.
    • Before this was changed, the girl would sing the whole alphabet.
  • Unlike the previous maps, this is so far the only map to have a different ambient wind instead of the usual screaming wind.