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Note: This article may contain spoilers that reveal pieces of lore. Play the game, or read if you want to.
"I feel like... there was something in this house..."
-His original final quotes

The Robber is the main protagonist of Eyes The Horror Game, and the character we play as. He is always playable in the maps.



His appearance is a middle-aged man wearing a short-sleeved grey shirt, brown eyes and dark blue jeans. He seems to have very short brown hair.

Seeing him in full color was only able to be seen when using the eye runes when Charlie is around, before this was changed.

When the threats are near, or when he runs out of stamina (In the computer version) he makes heavy breathing sounds.


Quotes (Mansion):

"Apparently the owner of this place - Mr. Miles - was a very rich man. And this means a fat paycheck for me. All I need to do is get the riches. The man disappeared some time ago. Just this one job and I'll be set." -Starting the game

"Oh... Oh no... It was her! I'm sure of it. It even looked similar. This place was supposed to be abandoned and now I'm seeing her? Why?! I can't shake the feeling that she keeps calling me, that she's still in the shadows. What should I do?!" -Ending the game

"This place seems strange. I can't shake of the feeling that someone's here. But I'm sure it's empty. I checked."

"There's something more in this sack. A picture of an old man. There's a writing on the back. "Now it's your burden. Poor soul." What does it mean?" -Finding a picture in one of the Money Bags.

"This is not good. Every move deeper seems harder to make. But I must see this through."

"Burden. Burden...? Did he mean this monster I keep seeing? What sort of madness is this? I need to get rid of this, this curse!"

"Some notes here... this man tried to lift a curse from his family. What is going on here? There's more: "The only thing I can do is trap the curse in my photograph. God have mercy on a soul that finds it. This is where it ends for me."

"I'm sure now that this... spectre is haunting me. It looks for me, almost smells me. I've got shivers all over my body. Where to now? Should I run?"

"Running is not an option. This curse will follow. I need to get rid of it. Lift the curse. But how?"

"The photograph! If this man managed to trap the curse in it maybe I can do the same? But how? I know nothing about it! This is not good! I can feel it getting closer and closer."

"The only way to get tide of it is to get deeper. I need to learn more about this man. And the notes gave me an idea where to look next..."

"Enough is enough! Nothing more to find here. I need to find more clues elsewhere."

"Ugh, what was that? What was that voice?" -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Krasue (1)

"No, impossible... is that her? How? I saw the rubble..."  -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Krasue (2)

"I couldn't. He locked me in. I tried..." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Krasue (3)

"NO! Please release me. I'm sorry!" -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Krasue (4)

"I know. I deserve it. I promised and I failed." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Krasue (5)
"I... I loved you too. And.. maybe I did." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Krasue (6)

"I hoped never to hear that voice again..." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Charlie (1)

"You sick bastard. I begged, I cried" -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Charlie (2)

"Grateful?! It's on tou that I never reached her." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Charlie (3)

"You let her die! You broke me." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Charlie (4)

"What? Let me be! Will you ever leave me?!" -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Charlie (5)

"My father is dead. You,re an echo." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Charlie (6)

"Wait? Boy is that you? What is happening?" -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Good Boy (1)

 "Oh, what have I done. I... I lost it then, boy. " -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Good Boy (2)   

 "I never meant to. I just... he pissed me off so hard." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Good Boy (3)   

"Yeah boy. I was angry and you were in my way..." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Good Boy (4)

"I know. I'mean so, so sorry for what happened." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Good Boy (5)

"You always were. That night I wasn't." -Using an Eye Rune/Talking to Good Boy (6)

"This key definitely fits into one of the doors around. It looks very old." -Finding the Basement Key

"These drugs can't be bought, they are prescribed when you leave a hospital." -Finding a medical bottle

"Someone had some serious troubles with sleep. I can imagine why." -Finding a bottle of pills

"I'd love to be anywhere but here right now." -Interacting with a old globe

"They sometimes give you these when you leave a hospital. Psychiatric ward?" -Finding the medical documents

"Notes, ramblings - it looks hectic. There's something about a ritual here." -Searching through a suitcase

"This all looks bad. It seems some rituals really took place here. What happened here? Where is the owner?" -Interacting with the ritual book

"I saw such bottles in hospitals sometimes. I always wondered what they put inside." -Finding a apothecary potion bottle

"I wish those were the only spirits lurking here." -Finding a strange bottle

"What was this man doing here? Books on curses, rituals, and sacrifices - it doesn't bode well." -Finding a paper

"There's an address - what the hell this is my address!" -Finding a box

"There's always been something weird about this Mansion.  People were avoiding it as if... something could snatch them inside." -Finding a photo of the Mansion

"Well I have the numbers but where to put them?"  -Finding the digits to the Safe combination

"I wonder if there is more to this sketch than it seems. Maybe the people on it?" -Finding drawings of the family

"This magical ritual must've kept the girls safe... but also imprisoned. I won't be a prisoner. I'll find a way, I must." -Finding the secret bedroom

Quotes (Hospital):

"I must've wandered into the morgue. Hopefully the dead stay dead." -Finding a wrapped body

"Not opening that one. No amount of money gonna change my mind." -Opening a morgue fridge

"It smells like death in here. What's the source of this odour? Why nobody takes care of that?" -Finding the dirty sink in the bathroom

"He startled me but he's probably the only creature here that doesn't want to kill me." -Finding a dead rat

"I'm sure I've seen seen it somewhere already...and this music, it gives me the chills." -Playing a gramophone

"Those pictures all look the same. I could swear it looks like the one I got when I hit my head." -Finding an X-ray

"Probably used by the patients but it's all so dirty. Nobody's been here for ages." -Finding the showers

"Why do they look like torture tools to me? This place is not for healing anymore." -Finding the tools

"Oh my God, am I going blind?! No. But this mixture narrows my field of vision." -Drinking a potion (1)

"Ugh, tastes awful. And makes me feel funny, but this is not the time for drinks." -Drinkin a potion (2)

"Wow, I can't see myself. I think this mixture makes you invisible.  Hopefully the creature won't see me either."-Drinking a mix potion (1)

"I'm starting to understand so much. That creature, I can sense the connection between us. I can use it." -Drinking a mix potion (2)

"I have so much energy! I feel I can run for days. I just can't stop myself. Hopefully it will last." -Drinking a mix potion (3)

"My vision... I can "see" the money stashes. Even through walls and in containers." -Drinking a mix potion (4)

"I might be on the right track, this place also seems very intense. I can almost feel the tradegy that took place here."

"A journey? The writing looks childish, inexperienced. There's a name on the cover "Emily". I think it's hers. Who was she?"

"This place keeps calling me. Is it because of the curse? Did something happen here as well? How is it all connected?"

"Entry in the journal talks about a... "Dad that will soon be gone". I think it might be the man from the photograph - Mr. Miles."

"I shouldn't be here. Every bone in my body aches as I wander through these halls. What kind of monstrosity lives here? Why is it stopping me?"

"Another entry in the journey: "Daddy says that he has away to make everything ok again. I'm gald. He tells me to hide his photo well."

"The photo... I think she refers to the one I found earlier. I stepped into something I should not touch. And now I'm doomed as well."

"She wrote quite a lot at the end: "I hid the photo well. Daddy says he wants to go back home to his special room downstairs. He says we are not to go here."

"Daddy is building something downstairs. I wonder if this is a surprise for us. I saw him with a thick rope. Maybe a swing?"

"Poor child. She was oblivious till the very end. How did this all happened? I need to learn more, but I don't think I'll find anything new here."

Quotes (Old):

"Seems legit, any other tips?" -Original quote

"Seems legit, anything else you didn't tell me??" -Original quote (Changed)

"Anything else?" -Current quote

"I don't wanna talk now sorry..." -Completing the game

"I feel like.. there was something in this house, it's coming for me, I can feel it, It's here!" -Supposed death, and final words.


  • In the first release of the game, when using the Beta Ghost's vision, he is shown to just be a floating flashlight.
    • When Krasue was added it was the same, but in the mobile version he was invisible with no model, or the flashlight at all.
  • In update 5.3.38 Charlie was now given his own vision, so the Robber's full model with color can no longer be seen within 3rd person. But his full model, and overall design is still the same.
  • He is confirmed to have his official name confirmed soon.
  • He has been in the game longer than any character. Same applies to Krasue.
  • He is revealed to have some kind of relationship with Krasue. As both said they loved each other. It is unknown if they were in love, or were just siblings.
  • He has the most quotes in-game.
  • Despite not knowing his way around, he appears to know about the Mansion, and it's owner. Then again, the place most likely burned down and was then rebuilt.
  • Possibly, the Robber was partly responsible for Krasue's demise at some point, and that he must of intended on doing it.
  • In update 5.9.25, it was revealed Good Boy was his pet at some point.


Eye Rune visions:


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