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"Halloween - themed mode - chase the running Magic Pumpkin to get big bonus coins multipliers"

-Store description

Treat or Treat is a unlockable and playable mode in Eyes, costing 200 coins to get in the store.


It's overall gameplay is the same but instead of collecting bags, you have to collect treats.

Around the map are pumpkins, Jack-o-lanterns, and candle decorations around corners, and doors.

While playing, you can chase a Magic Pumpkin that will run away from you if you're too close to it. It will eventually fall to the ground and by tapping it, you will receive some coins. The pumpkin will then get back up again, and run away but will stay in the game until death, or completion.


  • This is the first mode we get that is based on a tradition. The second being Pixel Mode (Also called April Fools Mode)
    • Unlike the other modes, this mode cost 100 coins instead of 500.
  • When tapping a normal Jack-o-Lantern, it will play a person impersonating a ghost moan in a joking manner, which references the game itself due to hauntings of the monsters.