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"As old as the hills... Ursula will use foul rituals to prolong her life... at your expense."

-Her store description

Ursula (Also named the Witch) is a possible major character in Eyes, as one of it's antagonists, costing 500 coins to get in the store. She makes her first appearance in Chapter IV, as the main threat of the Mansion.



Ursula appears as a traditional old witch with sickly greyish-green skin, barely visible black hair, empty soulless eyes, crooked nose and teeth, and wearing a traditional greenish-brown witch hat with a buckle on it.

Her lower body, in the place of legs, consist of a barrel shaped object with horns, and handles on the side. In her hands is one of the totems that she uses against the player.



In the main mode, Ursula will move up and down the stairs of the map. She will chase the player upon contact of any kind, as the word "RUN!" will appear on screen. If she is chosen as the enemy, her totems can be seen around the map and will stop the player if they touch them, giving Ursula a chance to catch up and kill the player.

She will lose interest in chasing the player if they are too far, or hiding in a room.

The player will know if she's near as objects and lights will shake or flicker.

The player can use an Eye Rune to foresee her vision to know where she's at.

Depending on the setting the player chooses, Ursula will be:

  • Extremely slow in the Newbie setting.
  • Less slowness in the Easy setting.
  • Slightly faster in the Normal setting.
  • Fast enough to catch the player during mid-escape in the Hard setting.
  • And then harder to get away from in the Nightmare setting.

In Endless Mode, she will do the same as in Standard Mode. However, the longer the player takes on finding the bags, the faster Ursula will become.

Trick or Treat:

In the Halloween Mode, she will still work the same as in Standard Mode. Though she can catch the player more easily if the player is distracted by chasing the Magic Pumpkin.


  • Ursula doesn't have any dialogue when using an Eye Rune. It is currently unknown why, though this might change in a future update.
  • Ursula was added as a Halloween update in version 6.1.16.
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