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The "Your Own Ghost" customizer is a feature added in Eyes.


This feature allows players to customize Krasue in their own way. The features includes adding whatever face they want, and whatever audio they want this Krasue to sound. The feature does not cost coins to unlock.

In-game the face for Krasue will be seen, and the audio made for Krasue can be heard.

Currently, only Krasue is able to be customized.


  • What most YouTubers and players mainly do is add their own face or add the face of popular game characters such as Granny and Baldi (Back when the characters were popular) onto Krasue's.
  • In version 5.5.46, Krasue was given a strange face resembling that of a little freckled girl with glasses. Unknown if this was hinting at the feature soon to be added, or a error in the game.
  • On the official Eyes The Horror Game Facebook page, it was confirmed that Charlie and Good Boy are soon to be added.
  • If not given a face or audio, Krasue will appear with three question marks on her face (Seen on the customizer), and her usual moan will play.
  • Like Good Boy, the "Your Own Ghost" customizer is not part of Double Trouble mode.
  • The feature does not cost any coins, along with Sandbox.